At DSG We Take Our Future Very Seriously – Our History Is An Important Part Of That.

“If you want to understand today, you have to appreciate yesterday.”

Since you made 150 years of doing business in La Crosse possible, we’re hoping you can also help bring our history to life! As part of our 150th anniversary celebration, we are holding a Vintage WAR Artifact Hunt, and are looking for the oldest W.A. Roosevelt items in the following categories: Promo Items (apparel, giveaways, trinkets, etc.), Doing Business (invoices, statements, general correspondence, etc.) and Products (especially those with a W.A. Roosevelt logo).

We will have prizes for the oldest items, as well as the most unique, in each category. In addition, we’ll be choosing one item as our “Daddy WARbucks” Best of Show item. Here’s a list of the prizes:
Oldest in Each Category Most Unique in Each Category Daddy WARbucks Best of Show
  • Vintage LAX150 Coffee Mug
  • $100 Gift Card
  • Set of Two Vintage LAX150 Old Fashioned Glasses
  • $100 Gift Card
  • LAX150 Vintage Apparel Package
  • $500 Gift Card

So after you’ve scoured your shops, basements, attics, file cabinets or even local antique stores for vintage W.A. Roosevelt artifacts, click the “Enter the Vintage WAR Artifact Hunt Contest!” button below to share what you’ve found!